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Assign RAM and CPU's to your web page quickly

2vCPU / 2 GB RAM / 30 processes $9.95/mo
4vCPU / 4 GB RAM / 80 processes $19.95/mo
6vCPU / 6 GB RAM / 200 processes $39.95/mo
8vCPU / 8 GB RAM / 300 processes $99.50/mo
12vCPU / 16 GB RAM / 500 processes $124.95/mo
16vCPU / 24 GB RAM / 800 processes $214.95/mo

How does it work?

There comes a point where a web page uses too many resources to continue working on a traditional hosting. That's what Power Pack ™ by Artehosting © came for.

You will know that your website needs a power pack when you continuously receive automatic alerts of excessive use of resources. If our team opens a ticket, it is urgent that you purchase a Power Pack.

If neither of these two alerts exists, your website does not need a power pack.

No. Power pack is a package of CPU and RAM resources that powers your current hosting plan.

Most hosting providers push their customers to a VPS, Cloud Server or Dedicated server as soon as they exceed their resources.

Power Pack, is Artehosting's answer to solve a resource problem without the need for great expenses.

If you are hiring a new hosting plan, Click here to know our plans. During the purchase process, you will be able to choose the power pack that best suits your needs.
MyArtehosting and do the following:
  1. Go to the Services Menu > My Services
  2. Click on the desired plan on the "Active" button
  3. In the left side menu, go to "Change Options"
  4. Select your Power Pack and click Continue

There may be many reasons why your service is occupying more resources and you require a Power Pack; for example:

  • Due to poor optimization of PHP scripts
  • Due to increased visits
  • Installations Wordpress, joomla, moodle and others, usually require more resources
  • Some automated tasks (CronJobs) require higher performance to run
  • You are receiving a lot of visits from robots like facebook, google, yahoo, etc.
  • Cyber-criminal attacks

You can do it from cPanel, in the option "Use of Resources".


Our solutions are highly scalable. Our clients start from basic services and with few resources during the development stage. Once everything is ready, just increase your resources with just a few clicks.

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